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In-Home PET sitting for the Gogebic Range and surrounding areas

Mission Statement


  • To provide quality care to each and every pet and exceptional service to each and every client to ensure a stress-free pet care experience in the comfort of their home.  

  • To always exhibit professional conduct, honesty, integrity and respect for personal property.

Why Hire Superior Kitty Care??

Experienced Pet Care

Bill and I spent our careers commuting from lower Wisconsin to Upper Michigan every week for 30 years.  We always had a couple of cats and dogs and have spent a lot of time figuring out what to do with them when we are gone.   This is the same dilemma most professionals or younger families face.

Many seniors in our area are cat and dog lovers too. As we age, it may it may be a little more difficult to be enthusiastic about cleaning the litter box, feeding, changing the water, exercising, grooming, and even playing. 

We Can Help!

Having tried both boarding and pet sitters over the years, we’ve come to the conclusion that in-home pet sitting is a far better solution than boarding. 

As you know, cats have their own schedule, their own territory, toys, feeding dishes, and sleeping areas. We can help whether you are away from home or just need a little assistance with daily chores.


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